Help and Information

Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you still can't find what you are looking for feel free to contact us.

General Information

What is Zedge?
Zedge is one of the biggest and best mobile centric social networking communities in the world. We specialize in phone personalization and offer several unique and creative services through this website and on our WAP site. We do currently have over 26 million registered members from all over the world. The Zedge brand and services are owned by Zedge Inc.
Why are you called Zedge and what does it mean?
Zedge might not be in your dictionary, but if it were we think it would say: 'the coolest mobile community site ever'.
Are the products in the public galleries really free?
All content on Zedge is Free and Free is what Zedge is all about! There are 2 instances where there may be fees associated with Zedge:
  • If you download through mobile internet/WAP, you should know that most mobile network operators charge for data/GPRS/WAP use. Please check with your mobile network operator for further information on this.
  • If you click on an advertisement on Zedge our advertisers may be charging for their services.
I am receiving your newsletters, I want it to stop!
You can unsubscribe to the newsletters in My Account > Personal details.
How can I contact you?
To contact us, you can use our contact form.

Login, registration and profile issues

Why can't I log in?
Have you registered? You must be registered to log in. Click here to register now.
What does 'Remember me on my computer' mean?
The Remember me feature will automatically log you in every time you visit Zedge. This requires that your browser supports cookies. Note: If you are using a shared computer, we suggest leaving this box unchecked and logging out when you are done with Zedge for the day.
I have forgotten my username/password, what do I do now?
You can use this form to reset your password. You will be sent an email describing how to reset your password.
I have successfully registered but did not receive my registration email!
Spam filters and other e-mail features CAN stop e-mails like this and you should check your spam folder and if you (or your ISP) are using spam filters etc. If you still have problems, please contact us. Make sure you tell us your username and the e-mail address you used when you registered at Zedge.
I manage to log in, but when I start surfing the site I get logged out again.
Zedge needs cookies to remember your login from one page to the next. If this happens, something is possibly wrong with your cookies settings in your browser, or you are using firewall/security software like Norton Internet Security. First try to disable any such software, if that does not work, go over your cookie settings. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can find them under options / internet options. Set both Privacy and Content to medium, and try logging on again.
My phone is not listed, can I still use Zedge?
Yes! Even if we do not have your phone listed most of the content will probably be compatible with your phone, at least if it has got a color display and supports WAP. Just choose a phone with similar specifications and you will most likely be fine.
How can I change my password?
Go to My Account > Change Password to change your password.
How can I change my email?
Go to My Account > Account/Settings to change your email.
How can I get more people to visit my profile?
There are several ways to get people to visit your profile:

1. Share your profile link with your friends and get them to register at Zedge as well.

2. Visit other people's profiles, they will then see that you have visited them (if you are logged in) and then they will usually come and check you out as well.

3. Post in the forums, people will usually check out your profile as well.

4. Upload new items to the public gallery. Uploading a new wallpaper is very easy and will get your profile exposed to all the people browsing the gallery.

5. Update your profile you will get on the updated profiles list on the front page/upper right corner and on the updated profiles page itself.

Good luck!
How can I change my username/login?
How can I delete my Zedge account / profile?
You can permanently delete your Zedge account on this page. Note that you cannot undo an account removal.

Downloading items from the public galleries

How do I download my chosen items to my phone?
You can download all of the items on your favorite list to your mobile phone using the Zedge WAP site. Add our WAP address ( to your bookmarks on your phone and then browse the website. Log in by using your Zedge username and password. You will then find all the selected products under 'My Favorites' on the WAP site. See Mobile zedge.
How do I download the items to my pc?
Downloading items directly to your pc from the public galleries is convenient if you want to upload them to your mobile using a cable, IR, Bluetooth or a memory card. You can download an item to your pc in two ways: Choose 'Download to PC' on the item preview page, or choose 'Download to PC' from My Account > My favorites.
I can listen to/view but not save products on WAP, how do I save?
How the wallpapers/ringtones actually are downloaded to your phone depends on each brand and model so there is no single correct answer to this. You should check your manual, ask your operator, or maybe post a message in our forums to get help. We are sorry, but it's impossible for us to know all details about all the phones on the market.
The ringtones in the public gallery won't work on my phone?
The ringtones provided in the public gallery might not be compatible with all phone models, depending on the phone's age and feature set. Polyphonic ringtones should work on most phones, but MP3 ringtones will only work on newer phones.

Mobile internet / WAP

What is mobile internet / WAP?
WAP allows you to surf the internet with your mobile phone. WAP is a standard made to suit mobile phones and you can browse WAP pages and download files etc. on the internet. Zedge has its own WAP site on
Can I use WAP?
Almost all newer phones support WAP, and they usually come pre-configured with the correct WAP settings suiting your network provider. Check with you network provider and see if WAP is included in your service plan.
How do I configure my mobile internet/WAP?
Newer phones are usually configured when you buy them, but if you believe that your phone is not configured, you should contact you mobile service provider to get the settings. Most mobile service providers have information related to this on their website. In addition, many providers allow you to order the configuration online and get it sent to your phone by SMS. The phone will then be configured automatically.
I log into the WAP site but get sent back to the login page?
This usually happens when 'cookies' are not enabled on your phone. See if you find a 'cookies' option in your WAP settings menu- enable it. Also try to clear the phone cache since this can prevent the phone from loading new pages.
I get an error message while I'm downloading an item through the WAP site?
There could be many reasons why this happens, but if you are downloading big files (themes, MP3's etc.) the reason could be file size limitations in the mobile operator network. This limit is usually around 250KB, but does vary. There is not much we can do about these limits, but an option would be to download the item to your pc instead. You will also get error messages if your phone is not compatible with the files you are downloading. Error messages could also be caused by unstable mobile networks, so it might be smart to try again later.