Happy Birthday to Arnav(__Mast3r__)




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Post #124 December 2012, 03:25
Hi friends,

25th December is Arnav's(__Mast3r__) birthday.

Lets wish him many many happy return of the day.




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Post #224 December 2012, 03:31
Happy Birthday to __Mast3r__



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Post #324 December 2012, 03:33
happy birthday Arnav
May you have a wonderful birthday
And wishing you a wonderful day



Post #424 December 2012, 03:41
awww wow!! thts sooo sweet happy birthday mr.arnav u have a good one and ur sooo lucky every1 deserrves a huge happy birthday may u get wat u want with lots of hugs and kisses, happy b.day!!



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Post #524 December 2012, 03:51
hi arnav,,,

happy birthday to you bro,,,

may god bless you always and best of luck for the new year,,,

i will pray for your success in life,,

take care



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Post #624 December 2012, 03:59

Happy Birthday To You
Best Wishes
God Bless

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Your birthday is a special day,
It comes but once a year.
And so I've made this little poem
For those that I hold dear.

You've lived and grown another year
And now you've come of age.
It is time for you to show yourself
Upon this worldly stage.

Some are artists, some are troops
Some are sportsmen throwing hoops.
Some are writers, some are bad,
Some might be the best we've had

Others are fixers, others will fax
A gamer might use some mighty hacks;
There is a plethora of choices for you,
So do what in your heart is true.

But for today let us just have fun
Rock the world and then be done.
For a birthday comes but once a year
And yours my friend is finally here!

"Happy Birthday to you, I wish you all the best and may all your wishes come true

its ma special gift



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Post #824 December 2012, 05:48
happy birthday bro....
many many happy returns of the day..



Post #924 December 2012, 05:59
wish you a very happy b'day bro ..!!



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Post #1024 December 2012, 06:00
Happy Birthday Arnav.

make a wish.


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