SIM card lifespan



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Post #113 November 2012, 05:09
Curious question. Anybody knows how long a typical SIM card last? I've been using mine for more than 4 years.

What are the signs of a failing SIM card?



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Post #215 November 2012, 05:09
Depend upon the condition of chip in sim card...i m using from 8 years and still in good condition.



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Its depend on your service provider policy .
It can last long untill and unless some condition is maintained by your service provider



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It depend on condition of sim card. Im using my aircel sim since 2009 but that is in normal condition.



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i using a Vodafone Sim card from 12.12. 2004. so i m using it for more than 8 yrs.



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depends on the network provider i.v been using mine for 14years and still in good condition econet

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