Synching the Samsung Galaxy SII



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Post #113 November 2012, 03:58
I am using (as before) the Samsung Galaxy SII.
I recently updated the firmware to 4.0.3
Now I can't seem to synch my favourites between my phone and Zedge.
When I try synching nothing seems to happen nor I don't get the message I used to saying that it is synching but it may take a while depending on how many favourites I have.
Synching worked fine before so is this a problem with the new firmware or is this just a coincidence and I am just doing something wrong?
Hope you have a suggestion.



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Post #223 November 2012, 09:27
the Zedge app is not working fine.



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@tederw - Only favorites matching the screen size (only applies to wallpapers - not ringtones) on your phone is synced from the website to your phone. Meaning: if you have chosen a different phone on the website when you added favorites they will not show up on your Android phone.

If this however is not the case please send feedback to Zedge from the Android App (More -> Feedback) and describe your problem.

Quote of user: killer_N

the Zedge app is not working fine.

Can you describe the problem in detail? so we can try to help.

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