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You need to read this



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@ _MAXX7
1st of all those wallpapers are found all over zedge and on other websites as well.There is nothing created by you but the clock in the theme links you have posted of that russian sites.

2ndly, Julianna's themes are very different then yours. They have different clocks different icons different everything. Only the wallpaper is common. Even the clocks are different.

Since you are claiming those are your copyright. I am giving the details of that windows 7 digital theme of Julianna's here.

The icons and select menu's are here-

Full view-

There is a windows logo on the theme that -

And the softkeys and upperkeys are -

And the clock font that is used in the theme is called 'sweetly broken'
I've posted the clock/.swf in my GB-
The clock is created from swismax 4.

You can clearly see you've not created it. If anything we can ask for copyright. If you want i can show like that each of your themes in the topic! So stop complaining about others and stop thinking only you can create everything and others can't do absolutely nothing but copying you. I hope after this all your doubts are cleared up. Thanks!

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Read Post #2 for information about dealing with copyright infringment.

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