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Post #123 October 2012, 22:37
Hi... I have a nokia e71 and a HTC... I have tried numerous times to upload stuff (wallpapers/ringtones) via my mobile.. However have been unsuccessful.. There should be an option for this as I am not always on my computer.

If there is an option to upload stuff via mobile, then please let me know and if there isn't an option to upload stuff via mobile, please do add this feature...

This will really help many zedgers....



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Post #224 October 2012, 12:48
You can't upload from mobile unless you use the "view full web page" button.
here is a link to the upload page www.zedge.net/upload/

Note: For uploading ringtones you'll need flash player support.
if your device have flash player support then you can upload using phone. otherwise use pc/laptop etc which is supported flash player!

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