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im a newbie, just registered today.. how i download some iPhone 5 ringtones, because its saying 30 days required for it



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Welcome as a member at Zedge. I'm one of the admins at Zedge and hope you will enjoy our service.

You've already made an account, that was the first step. Second step is to choose a device in the device selector. Choose your iPhone at

I do not have an iPhone myself, but if things haven't changed since last time this is still the procedure:

Post quote:

Go to the Zedge website to get single ring tones for your iPhone. Among the websites, many ring tones are several more traditional rings. You can preview a ring on the site, and then provide the exact model of your iPhone to ensure that it is compatible with your device. When you want to add a particular ring tone to your phone, you can quickly save the file to your hard drive and then add it to your iTunes library to be synced with your phone. As of late 2010, all ring tones on the Zedge site were free.

So you probably need to download to your computer, add the ringtones to iTunes and then sync your phone.

If there is a better solution I would be happy to see some feedback from the iPhone experts out there!

Good luck and hope you find a lot of cool ringtones! Happy Zedging!

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