windows phone battery good or bad ?




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Post #119 January 2013, 14:12
Symbian phones have good battery life...
Windows dont have good battery backup but it has faster processing speed



Post #1212 March 2013, 16:40
Symbian have good battery backup..

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Post #1324 March 2013, 17:37
symbian phones batries are good then wp



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Post #1424 April 2013, 12:11
Battery timing is good. 60 hrs i experienced still 35% battery remaining.

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Post #1524 April 2013, 13:40
yeh its goog i m using lumia 610 with 1 day battery backup along with surfing net, listening music whole day



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Post #1617 May 2013, 21:02
good but not that much ..



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Post #1717 May 2013, 21:07
first thing it depend on ur processor and your usage
then u r using edge or not and if yes then 2G or 3G connection
but as compare to HTC window phones NOkia LUmia is better



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Post #1820 November 2013, 19:32
wel that depends on how much we use during the day...... if i play poker for about 1 hour than it would changing.......
totally i think the battery backup for windows 8 phones are really low........



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Good but not great



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Quote of user: __LOV3ABL3__

Good but not great

Better than android (that nut green alien drain battery faster than thirsty german beer keg on oktoberfest) where you shut down processes witch you don't need and the battery keeps draining... When you decide to shut down one or more processes you see that processes that you shut down earlier are working without you turn them on.


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