LG KM900 Arena random calls with headset



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Hi everyone!

Wow! I haven't articipated here for a loooong time.

Well, I have been searchin for a solution to this problem and still can't find an answer.

My man's LG KM900 Arena makes random calls when the headset is attached. We came across this prolem a few days ago since I gave him the phone. I had it for two years but I'm no music j****e, so I didn't use the headset much. But he likes to listen to the radio and this problem is bugging him a lot. Imagine your phone making calls to random people in your phonebook by just connecting the headphones!

And no, please, don't say "it's a virus". LG Arena is not a smartphone and can't catch a virus

Thanks in advance for your help.

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It may be Tecnical problem..when you plug ur head phone jack due to logic gates your ph compleat calling circuits...so for better result visit near coustomer care

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