Full Screen Wallpaper for E50



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Post #111 September 2012, 10:31
How can I make fullscreen wallpaper for E50 ?
Please ...



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Post #211 September 2012, 11:13
A full-screen background pic requires using a theme for it.

You can create your own themes with:

- On a Windows PC using Carbide.c++ S60 Theme Edition from Forum Nokia.

- Online through www.ownskin.com

- Using ThemeDIY app on the phone (Not Free).



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Post #313 December 2013, 23:34
Your first need 'python full pack'.then install it. And then download 'fullscreen wallpaper'app from mobile9 or search on google. Install and open it. Choose a picture for wallpaper. Then it procces for 1 min. Ok. Done.
Python full pack is must need for it.

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