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i had a problem with my 3week old galaxy S3 got on to Samsung and they told me to take it to my local service centre witch is 1hr.30min away now its a walk in centre when i get there i am told i would have to leave my phone and it would take about 1to3 days to re-flash my software as samsung said thats what the problem was being disabled i told them i could not do without my phone for that lenght of time as i need my phone with me at all times when i am out i also said i dont see why i should do another 3hr.30min return journey when i always thought a walk in service centre meant just that walk in get repair done and walk out to help me they said they could post it back to me at a cost of £9.00 took it back to Argos checked the phone and gave me a new one was working great until like a fool i updated the software same fault back again sorry fault is when i go into setting and go to Applications Manager the page just freezes i have tried to let samsung know by going online and sending them another my enquiry but for the last 5 days it has not been working typical



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Renew your phone firmware or send it to Samsung service center.



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Wow. I sympathize with you. I had the same problem almost a year back with my Samsung tablet. It was my fault...custom rom hijinx. Something went wrong and my tablet ended up in a bootloop. But i can access download mode.

I tried my best to restore it to factory settings by wiping the data and remove my custom rom and root (though it still bootlooped after that) before sending it to the nearest Samsung Mobile Service Center (which is 3 hours away from my home. I don't like sending electronics through couriers). I just told them the problem but didn't tell them it was caused by flashing custom roms though. And 2 hours later my tablet is as good as new. No questions asked. Didn't even have to pay for anything since the tablet was still under warranty back then.

That's your best bet. Even if you have to leave your phone, at least you can have peace of mind that they'll get it fixed.

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Try calling 118192 and ask them for the Samsung registered service centre there is one somewhere, there seems to be nothing about it on the ...

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It is waste in our area in andhra (eluru)

Samsung Service Centre is waste my time they take 6 days to return my mobile

that why i change my mobile to nokia

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