Can i read pdf file in micormax x560



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i am presently using micromax x560 qube, in is based on Java. in this it didn't have option to read pdf files, while i am trying to download other java based tools from net to read pdf files and open it it showing insufficient memory event though i has enough memory in memory card and 40 MB in phone. if i saved that file in my memory card, and go there it doesn't open to install it.. what to do now.

can you please tell me is it have the support to install those .jar file to read pdf files?.
if you know any links to install the those .jar exe please inform me..

Thank you.
v g s naidu

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Post #28 September 2012, 12:37 177-Mobile_PDF_Reader_java
buddy just follow this link and download pdf viewer
try it best of luck

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