Sony Ericsson Xperia neo v help



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Post #126 July 2012, 06:24
anyone using neo v ?
how to access folders in this phone 'coz in gallery it only shows videos and pics folder.

how to stop autostart system apps ?

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Post #227 July 2012, 13:06
i got a sony xperia arc s, and it doesn't have a file browser in it also, so you have to download a file browser to access other files.. i'm using Astro File Browser, you can download it for free.. been using it since i got my phone.. ^_^



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Post #327 July 2012, 16:19
Yeah .. Astro File Browser is good ..
U can also try ☞ X-plore

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Post #428 November 2012, 11:54
try Astro file browser from google play



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Post #52 December 2012, 13:56
try ES file explorer

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