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I have a song I that I bought from Amazon that want to use as a ringtone. I paid for it, trimmed it and when I try to upload it to Zedge, it says it's copywritten. I understand the legalities of that.

I can keep it locally on my phone and assign it to the contact, yes.
BUT my Droid will not let you mix and match ringtones from Android (where it would be locally on the phone) and the Zedge ringtones, which I like a lot.
So, it's either Zedge or Android for ringtones but Zedge won't let me upload a song I paid for.
I don't want to break any rules/laws. But I'm confused as to how so many ringtones on Zedge I KNOW are copywritten but are still on there.
Any ideas????
P.s. sorry, that was supposed to be in Help not Feedback.

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Your answer is really here:

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