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So I got some spam in my inbox apparently and before I could delete it myself some diligent Zedge mod/admin deleted the user's account. Now I have the icon in my upper right hand corner showing I have a waiting message and when I click on it I get nothing.

I just wanted to point out the issue and maybe suggest that banning accounts deletes all their sent messages and/or marks them as read so that the problem can be avoided. My guess is it's still there just hidden and that's why the notification won't go away.



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contact to service centre ..



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Quote of user: ___love

contact to service centre ..

have you read the post#1?? read carefully and then post. By the way which service center to contact :p

@scary_guy I too have a same problem. As the zedge policy says that the inbox messages will get deleted after 3 months automatically. Once i got a PM from a stranger and I didn't read it for the whole three months and now that PM is removed automatically but still I see a notification for my inbox that 1 PM is unread.

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They should have a button to clear all notifications then. It would save a lot of people a lot of headaches.

I also wonder where my bump post went that I made 71 hours later, but I suppose I can forgive that.

EDIT: Apparently there was another one, also deleted. So now I have (2) unread messages that I can't get rid of the notification for.

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