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I own an Android Galaxy Y. I have packed it up with a lot of apps.Sleep As Android app alarm clock that uses motion sensing to monitor the quality of your sleep.Little Photo adds funky effects to your photographs. Its insanely popular and free.A new app called WeChat is also an amazing app.Its becoming popular and is a great way to stay in touch with your friends. Download this app, you will surely enjoy its features. For games-Angry Birds and Fruit Slicer is a must in your mobile.



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That seems good i must check them out ..The app i like is simple auto record ,it records in and out going calls
The reason i have it incase some one is giving me a number i do not need a pen handy and some times when i talk to some people like network company , They do not want to listen they say things like are you raising your voice so they can just hang up , So in the further i can report them to their boss



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You should of course download Zedge! You'll find all the great games with the Zedge app (and of course ringtones, wallpapers etc...).

Personally I use Swiftkey, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Flipboard, Chrome Beta, Dropbox, Evernote, Endomondo and Euro 2012 (I like football). Great apps!



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I HAve galaxy s3, best games are DEAD TRIGGER, Front Line Commando,



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Try these :
•Symbols Keyboard
•Lane Splitter (Awesome Game)
•Canabalt(fast paced game)
•Dolphin Browser HD
•Lock Screen
•Picsart(awesome photo editor)
•tTorrent(for downloading torrents)
•Tubemate(for downloading Youtube Videos)
•Camera Zoom FX(Best Camera App)

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i got a sony xperia arc s,
currently i am enjoying this free games
Fruit Sorter - believe me, if you want to panic, this is a good game!
Pingpong - challenge yourself and beat your own score
Speedx3d - first person racing inside tunnels
Tap Tap Revenge - music game like guitar hero ( a bit laggy for my current device )

for my old samsung galaxy ace
Tap Sonic is the best, although it's an online game.. it is not applicable on my sony.. (hope it will be soon)
Deer Hunter

for android tools/apps
these are the best list
App 2 SD - for the files the you can move to your sd card from your phone memory and cleaning all the caches instantly without opening each application on your phone

Astro (file manager) - an easy to use file browser for my sony (it has no built in browser on it)

Color Note - quick notes you would want to jot down

(Guitar) Solo Lite - it's a must have for all guitar lovers..

Simple MP3 downloader - easy to use mp3 downloader, with easy search access

For android photo apps (photo editor) and camera tools, i can guarantee that these apps are great!
Pixlr-o-matic - picture editor
Vignette demo - picture editor
pudding camera - camera effects
action snap - for fast moving capturing mode of photos.. great for your jump shots!
Picsart - picture editor

Best android app sites

thanks for this topic, been searching for the users opinion on best android apps.. ^_^



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Nimbuzz - Best IM app
DeadRunner - Panic game
Viber - free call and sms app
Tango - free video call better than skype
Veetle - more than 100 online entertainment channels
Autodance - make funny dances video
Shazam - best app to find the mp3 song that your looking for
Dropbox - free app lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.
Gallery Lock - lock your personal photos and videos
Go Luncher Ex - Android theme app
Color Touch Effects - photo effects
Rage faces - share meme faces with friends
Trace me ! - play this game while your with your GF
Zombie Booth - zombie face maker

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I'm Using Sony Ericsson Live.

For games Try-: Temple Run (if work on ur device) its Excellent yaar, Tank Hero, iStunt2, most Popular Angry Birds Space, 3D Bowling, Elite Force,

For Downloading from YouTube try TubeMate.

Goggles for Image Recognize...!!!

Free2SMS for free ONLINE SMS...

App Lock can be used to enhance ur privacy.

QQ Player for best Video Appearance.

for Back up On The Fly Back Up.

for File Manager use Astro File Manager.

7 Launcher for LUMIA THEME.

TrueCaller for number searching...

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I am using Sony Xperia Tablet S 3G the best apps I liked

1. Zappos
The mobile version of the popular shoe-shopping service is even better than its web counterpart, thanks to an elegant, easy-to-browse user interface. Consider your credit card warned. (Free)

2. Evernote
The popular note-taking app was given a dramatic overhaul this year, making it more usable than ever. Clipping photos, notes, memos, and more has never been this easy. (Free)

3. Pinterest
Pin Grandma's pie recipe for all your followers without ever having to open your laptop. Then give The Week a follow while you're at it. (Free)

4. Grimm's Snow White
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is re-imagined as an interactive pop-up game. Perfect to hand off to the kids on long car rides. ($1.99)

5. Pocket
Pocket lets users clip articles or stories they come across on the web to read later. It's like Instapaper but free. (Free)

6. Mint
Manage your money with this award-winning personal finance app. Then try not to cry when it tells you your balance is low. (Free)

7. Expedia Hotels and Flights
Tablets like the Nexus 7 are the perfect light travel device. Now, booking a room's a breeze with this beautifully designed, photo-heavy interface. (Free)

8. Ancestry
Prove to your snooty friends once and for all that you really are the great, great, great, great nephew of Ulysses S. Grant by mapping your family tree. (Free)

9. Fancy
It's like a modern re-imaging of the catalog. Browse cool photos of products you love and unlock a few deals for yourself in the process. All shopping should be this stress-free. (Free)

10. Series Guide
Is it just me, or is there just way too much good stuff on TV? Keep track of all the shows you want to watch with this easy-to-use organizer and never miss the season finale of, say, The Walking Dead, ever again. (Free)



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Invisible Lock Screen Widget - Don't have to use the power button all the time to lock your phone & the best thing, it's invisible.


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