Samsung Galaxy S3 wallpaper issue



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Post #126 June 2012, 06:12
Hi moderators I have a request can you please change the wallpaper resolution setting for the galaxy s3 as the screen resolution is 720 x 1280 and wallpapers on zedge are not that size hence don't fit three screen properly leaving a zoomed in cropped up wallpaper missing stuff out.

Thanks in advance



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Post #226 June 2012, 09:04
I like to add the same for the HTC one s



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Post #318 November 2012, 18:11
Well I have requested this since my S2 days, don't know why this awkward resolution is uploaded here! Right now I am using a Note II and it's resolution is 720x1280, still the walls here for Note II are of some 1440x x**x resolution. Scrolling wallpaper? Well who uses it? Even Samsung removed that option in their latest TW framework.

D**n it, Zedge, I now barely visit this site.

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