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Hi all dear friends,
I'm truly sorry if this topic is exist...
Here you post your ideas,how to make zedge better...
Actually i'm often finding answer and ideas,and i think i found some ideas...just simple ideas,it can be good or bad
1st I'll start from 2 questions about zedge :
How old is Zedge?
Which date is Zedge's birthday?
Actually i'd like to make Zedge's birthday like day Google's birthday....
2nd About pm,posts in forum and gb an comments(about texting i mean) to make the texting like Gmail (Compose Mail)
I think it will be much better we can add
(I'll show what everything do if you don't know ) :
The First one B Bold
2nd I Italic, it's i in the messages
3rd U Underline
4th T The Font
5th TT Size
6th A(Underline) Text color
7th T(in square) Highlight Color
8th Smile symbol Insert Emoticon (the smile faces)
9th It's the link(i don't know how to show it sorry...)
10th Numbered List Numbered List :
1. ______
2. ______
3. ______

11th Bulleted List Bulleted List :
o ______
o ______
o ______
(Some like this...isn't exactly this)
12th,13th and 14th i think aren't important...
15h makes you write from the right
16h makes you write from the middle
15h makes you write from the left
Also it will be so much better if it was automatically,automatically write with colors,bold,size,font and everything, even if you didn't send it yet.
And maybe to add new smiles not to change please....
And that's all,
Please feel free to ask if there's something you didn't understand
Thanks a lot for reading and thinking about it....
I'm so sorry for taking a lot of your time.

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