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Post #10123 August 2012, 09:38
no doubt , it was worth it thanks alot for your hard work



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it looks nice but so simple anyways thanks !!

Yeah. We've redesigned awards so they look much better! It took some time, but it was worth it

Awards are awesome it showing month awards, weak awards & all time awards but not showing the specific weak or month awards like most viewed txt the month of June 2012



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I liked the new system for viewing as related to this topic, but today on the 28th day of August 2012.....

I've noticed you went back to the older platform of viewing wallpapers.

Did you know there is a flaw with this platform that persons obsessed with their own ratings will exploit?

This platform allows someone who posts a wallpaper to click on "View Larger" and ever time you do, it adds one download to the count, without ever downloading the wallpaper.

You are soon going to see people who have hovered at one level in the ratings miraculously just jump up in the ratings virtually overnight.

Please fix this issue, it allows unfair play by some over those who play fair. Thank you



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hey the new system is really really better than old system.. especially rintone item view!!! u put an embed code its nice. also people can vote an item only with ONE CLICK... good work admins... thank you... i am sure everybody liked it !!!



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Post #10528 August 2012, 21:47
mine got back to the old way we saw them



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mine got back to the old way we saw them

yeah, we got back why?? one day ago, everythings were so good... ringtone view was really good (there was an embed code and simple voting).. i dissapointed...

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Post #10729 August 2012, 08:43
We had a bug causing the old view to be visible, but it was fixed last night.




Post #10829 August 2012, 09:57
hmm... when someone wants to vote an item, has to click 5 stars and then click thumb up...
could you make that simple... I mean only thumb up and thumb down...

Thank you admins, always great job...



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I have not received my gift yet from Zedge.. :|

I'll contact you back soon.

thanks for replies.. waiting for resolve my prob.

received my gift from zedge!



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Displaying Invalid apps . Why ?

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