what makes people delete their profile ?




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why oh why, hmm lemme count the ways

i''ve been here since 2004, so i lost count how many usernames i've had in here i left due to posers, haters and arguments with friends. i regret deleting my 2004 account but hey, not all is lost as i still have my good friends in here & am still meeting new friends. now i dunno if i'd ever delete again



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I have never deleted my profile and I do not see a reason to do so either. yes I'd admit at times Zedge can be frustrating thanks to a bunch of lifeless people but that should not put you down. I have faced issues with cartels of SG's who were being led by a ESG and all i did was showed them a finger . so to all who are harassed here show your hater a finger and move on also remember you always can flag your hatter .

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Yes i have deleted many profiles, coz of they way some Zedgers behavior, but also coz of some friends i had back then.
And everytime i closed Down my pro, i regret it and came back and started a new pro.
My first pro was in 2007.



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Some people delete their profile cuz they have get the thing that they are going to be banned, some make mistakes in their profile like their wrong age, wrong gender or else then they can't correct it cuz there is no way to change them, some people get sick of some morons here, some people get lots of haters & they wanna be in peace & some people want to hide themselves with new profiles cuz they have done wrong things to others in previous time.



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Why people delete der profiles

1.To start a new life and forget t hurt and pain dey experienced over here in some matters

2.To run away from t haters dey got

3.Some get bored

4.Some delete to change t username,age,genders

5.To not to get addicted wit tis site dat much

6.Stalkers in too much extent (mostly females)



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Because They're Stupid and Not Thinking ( As Myself) I've Deleting Many Account Here!
Because Of People Here!
It Won't Longer Happen Though

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I've been wondering why.. It's not like keeping their profile will cost them any penny.
If they are stalked or terrorized by someone and if there are no blocking features or anything whatsoever, and reporting to mods doesnt change anything, they can always create a new account without deleting the old one.
The only logical reason I find comprehensible is to get away from the addicting effects this site provides. I myself never deleted mine..



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Maybe because of conflicts?
They may just get bored with it. they may feel that it is interfering with their life - family, work, school, real life social situations. Some people just out grow it and decide to live without it.

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Never did, never will. (Nearly 9 years on here now..)

And for the question why people delete their profiles, there are so many reason like the ones _xUgar_ mentioned.



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Too many reasons i.e. no one talk to them, conflict with other users, got stalking from someone who used to be online lover, don't feel comfortable sharing information with virtual friends, and a lot more.

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