what makes people delete their profile ?




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Did you ever deleted your profile ? or are you planning to delete your profile ? what is the username of the profile you deleted ? the prime question is why u want to delete your profile ? and what we want is reasons.

Oke let me start ,i deleted my profile thrice, i earned nothing and lost all my uploads and forum posts , twice i deleted it because i felt i'm addicted to this site and i was not able to concentrate on my studies , my previous profile was 'poison' and i deleted it coz of some stabbers but now i regret.

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interesting question ..!!
1st of all no i m nt planning to delete my accnt..!!
No of Z accnts deleted: 1
Username of deleted accnt : Ash__Babydoll
Reason: Broken many Zedge rules..!! I thought I ll never become a Zedgehead
Verdict: no regret .. cz almost no uploads..!!



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yes I did.. many times! the reason behind this unpredictable behaviour because of her ... it happened whenever ders a fight, misunderstanding, accusin, killing each other with sarcasms

yeah sounds childish and im proud to say we still love each other && it will never change

p/s:Happy monthsary baby ( a year and 3 months now )



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There are different reasons for each user to delete his/her account. Talking about myself, I plan to delete my profile every second day. After the shut down of the Zedge chat, this place was boring like a hell for me. I have got some very good friends on here because of whom I am still hanging on this place.

Female users delete their accounts because of the stalkers not realizing that they can block their stalkers and report them to Zedge team. Some poor people delete it after having a heart-break on here :p And the most common reason given by users is that they dont want to get addicted to this place but if you take my view deleting your account is not a cure for your addiction because someday or the other we'll come back for sure to meet our old friends. Whenever I feel like I am getting addicted to this place I simply lock my guestbook and private messages (sorta deactivation).

P.S. My previous Id abhignit got terminated by zedge team because I had fierce fight with a moderator in chat rooms :p



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They may just get bored with it. they may feel that it is
interfering with their life - family, work, school, real life social
situations. Some people just out grow it and decide to live
without it.

Sometimes they get to addicted to it , and don't do anything
else . Some people delete because they get into an argument
with someone . Some people delete and make a new one so
they can start new , and not add the friends that they don't
want .

people just get tired of the drama and all the b******t..



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Quote of user: CrackSh0t

Only weak people delete their profiles.

i dont agree.
this is my 5th account 4 has been deleted.. Why? I dont want to hurt someone because i cant give love in return.. It doesnt mean im weak m always frank and honest to all my friends and for that many love and want me.. But i dont want to cause heartbreak to anyone...

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Yes. I had deleted my account once. My previous id: Xx_vivek_xX but the avatar was same.....
I had a group of very interesting frndz here which later turned into headache and it all started disturbing my personal life... Some oe them made me realise that they don't need me anymore....
friendship, love, affection it all just vanished...
I used to spend a lot of time here but now i feel it all was just waste of time.

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I also don't like people deleting their profiles.Some frnds of mine have deleted, & I havent found them again

I havent deleted any, and Im happy about it.

Whenever I feel like Im getting addict to Zedge, I simply turn my mind to some place else
I am very old member of Zedge, but still a 'Hardcode zedger' thatz bcoz the very reason. I almost stopped Zedge for 1 yrs I guess..

Even though I have thought of deleting it, coz of the most common reasons "STALKERS". But now I simply report them
I feel gud here.



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i maked multiple accounts when i joined but later i read the rules and it says multiple account not allowed
still i kept cause i though hacking may occur in zedge . and i deleted my main account in mistake ...after that i delete all the account and make this as single and main .

now i love zedge site the most



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frustration and sometimes bcus of new girlfriend
plus sometimes people get bore form old things like me i m coming back on zedge after almost 1 year but with 4 years old account

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