Zedge Official Contest: Upload and Win




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hmmm,,gr8t man nice strategy............



Post #12227 March 2012, 16:35
ya uploaded somewhat ..... !!!!



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I have a suggestion pertaining to this contest. All entries that are decided by the "jury" should be anonymous (the person who submitted it should not be shown). It would be a shame to see a lesser wallpaper win the grand prize simply based on who uploaded it. From what I see on this site, that could very easily happen.

All wallpaper uploads for Samsung Galaxy Nexus automatically nominated for the contest,
so it doesn't matter who ever upload it.

Yes, it can matter very much, depending on the details of how admin will handle the "jury". If a member here is popular, they could receive more votes simply for that reason, rather than the "jury" voting strictly for the best wallpaper. If the "uploader" shows, then yes, it matters.

Good point!

I can assure you that this won't be a problem. It shall be based purely on the wallpaper that is uploaded, and not who uploaded it.

And remember that it's perfectly okay to upload more than one wallpaper. Try to upload at least one wallpaper each week and you'll have a bigger chance to win one of the weekly prizes. The first prize is based on the best download of them all!

Good luck everyone, I'm happy to see you are stoked about this contest!

It's great that you (the administration) reads, replies and cares about the posts here. Thank you for your answer. :-)
I've just uploaded several myself and am excited to see how things turn out.



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Post #12427 March 2012, 19:23
i have so many awesome HR wallpapers bt all are downloaded frm sites.

it means im not the owner of those pics.... xcited but I quit !



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Post #12527 March 2012, 21:44
so are we to jus upload wallpapers as how we do it normally ??
or do we need to upload it somewhere ?? xx



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Post #12627 March 2012, 22:02

Quote of user: Ms_Evil_Spirit

so are we to jus upload wallpapers as how we do it normally ??
or do we need to upload it somewhere ?? xx

As usual from the below link for Samsung Galaxy Nexus model.



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wao great contest



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it is a great time 2 uplode n win.......



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great..........work on progress..............



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ohhhhhhhhh nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thanx


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