adding mp3message tone to galaxy



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hi anyone know how to add message tone to galaxy



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In this guide, I?ll show you how to set an MP3 file as a message alert tone in Samsung Galaxy Y. In that specific phone handset, message alert tone is also known as the notification ringtone. You?llfind it under Sound Settings. Now, when you pull up the selection screen, there?s no option there for you to set a ringtone from any of the file folders on your phone. So, here?sthe workaround for that:
1. Go to My Files.
2. Locate the mp3 file that you want to add as a message alert tone. eg. Media Folder.
3. Tap the mp3 file name around2 seconds until it pulls up the selection screen.
4. Select Copy.
5. It will list the folders you wantto paste the file. Select notifications folder and tap paste here button.
6. Go back to Settings - Sound - Notification Ringtone and select the mp3 file you?ve just added from the list.



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@ anilrajak11,

It's polite to give credit when you copy + paste someone else's work!



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Quote of user: hotfoot

hi anyone know how to add message tone to galaxy

Go to message ..tap to options .. setting..message tone

now change your msg tone .

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