Samsung s5600 problem with USB



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Post #16 March 2012, 11:44
Hello everyone i went to some problems over here...
I never used Samsung ... nokia best, just connect to USB and easy to use

I got mobile Samsung s5600
I installed some Samsung PC Studio 3 (can't connect my mobile to PC)
Then i found some drivers aswell ... before that hardver found some unknown drivers now i can see SAMSUNG SP0842N (i thought that drivers will fix this problem so i can finally connect ) but Nothing happen even after that ...
So i keep to find more... i found even this *#726872# first time when i tipe it into mobile ... it told me Restart Mobile ( So i did it ) then again i tryed to open Samsung PC Studio 3 it cant connect device o.O
Now when i write *#726872# it told me ( Samsung USB configured. Plz Reconnect the Cable.0 )
Could someone help me out ? where did i made mistake



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Post #26 March 2012, 16:23
Are you using windows 7 ? and what version, 32 or 64 bit ? \
try these 2 solutions:
Option 1
1. Installed New Samsung PC Studio (Also had problems with USB installation)
2. Connected my phone.
3. Opened Device Manager.
4. Clicked to Update of my S5600 (it was recognized as Samsung Modem Device).
5. Chosen to choose that I want.
6. Then went to New Samsung PC Studio folder/USB Drivers/3/ and selected sscdbus.inf
7. Windows recognized drivers as x64 Compatible and I picked from the list Samsung USB Composite Device (or something like this)
8. Then after Installing refreshed the Device Manager and there appeared Unknown Device.
9. Manually updated drivers with New Samsung PC Studio folder/USB /3/sscdsdm2.inf file. (In list appeared Samsung Modem Device);

Option 2
1) Installed the PC Studio software
2) Installed USB drivers
3) fails, etc . . .
4) Go to Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager
5) In the device manager there will be a device under the "Other devices" flyout, something like USB 1.0 . . .
6) Right click that device and click "Update software"
7) Select the button or radio button that allows you to bowse for the driver on your computer.
8) Browse to the following folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung"
9) Be sure to select the option that searches subfolders.


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