GreenPower Battery Saver vs LTE Onoff



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Post #126 February 2012, 19:07
Can you use both of these apps on htc rezound android phone

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Post #227 February 2012, 10:45
ya i tried it once



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Post #312 March 2012, 05:57
am also using but not sucess



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Post #417 June 2012, 18:51
there is a better app called DX BaterryBooster ...use the pro version its much more better .



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Droid boost is the first all-in-
one Android performance
booster. You can double
your battery life and
increase your phone's speed
instantly and automatically
with DroidBoost.

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Try turning GPS and Bluetooth off. Also don't use live wallpapers. Also don't use to many Widgets might also install a different rom and use the build in task manager. I am running Android gingerbread on my HTC HD2 and no worries about task killers and stuff. Great battery life.

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