Which is the best launcher ?




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Post #1112 August 2012, 15:48
Go launcher EX has everything with it. no need for searching other launchers !

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Post #1221 December 2012, 19:28
My current launcher of choice is Apex. I use to be a fan of GO but it seems big and bloated these days.



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Post #136 March 2013, 11:21

GO LAUNCHER EX, i havent tried the others though because i'm quite satisfied with this

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Post #1419 April 2013, 11:28
Go Launcher is perfect , but works a bit slow if U r using a Livewallpaper on Ur home screen, as how it is, but its best overall as compare to others.



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Post #1519 April 2013, 11:36
Go launcher is the I used to use. Its great,cool, smooth and with many customization options. Anyhow now im on 4.1 so there is no need for launcher etc apart from Sony's Timescape UI.


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