frequenly getting banned from chat




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Post #115 February 2012, 16:30
I am getting banned from chat for no reasons even when I am in private chat every time. This is serious stuff. People are teaming up against us and same thing is happening with others too. your intervention is needed for sure. I wish this ban is lifted soon :/

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Post #215 February 2012, 17:31
Here I'd suggest you to Contact Zedge

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You should have done something ....



Post #415 February 2012, 17:42
Same Problem here i have also get ban for 2 times without any reason i dont know why this is happening and still i am ban from chat.......

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This is just bcoz of some people are having multiple ids and they are missusing abt it..

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Post #621 February 2012, 23:10
zedge user sorry for your inconvenience... Plz report your problem to zedge team by "contact zedge"

flag multi ide user..and report to zedge team



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Post #722 February 2012, 00:36
m also get 2 times .this is srious matter ........



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Quote of user: Ezra_

m also get 2 times .this is srious matter ........

Suggest By _FRAGRANCE_ Report Your Problem To Zedge Team By "Contact Zedge"



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Post #927 February 2012, 15:09
i dont know about that "Contact Zedge"



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Post #1028 February 2012, 07:18
Same problem I have got here.. I am getting banned out of no reason... I even contacted zedge but to my bad luck i didnt got any reply from them...

most of the people who are giving us suggestions like "contact zedge" and "you must have broken the chat rules", i have got just one line to say... You people dont know the fact, you people even dont come to chat rooms... We never argued that SGs are kicking us out... its just SGs are not doing there duty properly as long as i know, no hard feelings..

Only regular zedgers in generals are getting banned to be precise, so we can make out that this is being done on purpose.

To our worst zedge Admins n moderators are not even trying to help us out.... i wouldnt be surprised if my id gonna get terminated in coming days cos of too many bans... trust me i wont be coming on here if that happens...

Mods have locked one of the related topic before. Its been said in the last post of this particular topic that admins will have a look at it... i want to ask where are the admins??? did you really saw this locked topic.

Another topic related to this very problem of ours is

I would be delighted to see other moderators too in chat rooms other than @behnam_

wish this topic will not get locked before we find a way out. We will be humble in dicussion n expect the same from others too

hope actions will be taken soon:]


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