Reason Of A Marriage Couple Get Divorce?



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well , in this time of the world , we can see that people get divorce sometime a few weeks , a few months , years , or maybe after 10 or 20 years or more ! in some countries, the number of the people who get divorce is more , but in
some countries it is less !
forget about cheating , or the man/women fall in love with another person and then they get divorce !
what is/are the reasons ? and btw , what is the reason that we see that get divorce in some countries are more than other countries ?
what do you think ? write your thoughts



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Communication. If you think of a ship and its crew or a sporting team and its players, you'll understand how important it is to communicate with everyone involved. Things need to happen when sailing and commands must be clear, timely, and acted upon. In a game of football or baseball, it's essential that players on the same team communicate with one another in order to run their plays. The way to win in all these examples is to communicate properly and to do so whenever it is necessary. If there's a problem in your marriage and you try the silent routine or the "bury your head in the sand" response, you are most likely heading for divorce.



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In my country India, a marriage is not a meeting of two souls, its a meeting of two families. So getting divorced here in India takes a strong mental strength.

The most stupid reason a couple can use to get a divorce is GETTING MARRIED. If you get married for the wrong reasons, then you're getting a divorce.

They do not treat each other the way they themselves would wish to be treated. We live in a society that values taking the easy way out i.e. DIVORCE.

Some people will say arguments, accusations, rejection, selfishness, blaming, shaming, financial crisis etc.
but i would say the number one reason people divorce is because they don't have 'dealing with conflict skills'. Not knowing how to work out issues without getting out of control, and losing tempers and saying things that can't be taken back ends up in divorce eventually.

I wont say getting divorced is a bad thing. Sometimes in life we tend to make mistakes (human nature) n we got every right to amend that mistake.



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there are many {so many} reason couple get divorced.. CHEATING is the number one reason most of the time. How can a partner be faithful if he/she is not.. FINANCIAL STABILITY couple get married because of this end up with it...
ATTITUDE... marriage is an eye opener {during courtship couples are sweet promising one another but once they married the promises diminished.
COMMUNICATION its needed to a relationship to get stabilized and be stronger. Communication is not for long distance relationship only but for a couple who see each other daily...
S**X (yes it can be a reason) its God gift for a couple but if its not satisfactory can you really feel its a gift.. lots of reason because we have different views and attitude.

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