Online relationships are good or bad???




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All relationships are good but online relationships are too risky. It could be easier for you to meet, get to know a person online. And maybe even fall in love with him/her. But don't get overwhelmed. Even in a real life relationship, there are cheaters. So keep your head thinking straight, logical. You will know a faker when you see one.
You should ask yourself are you ready to make it? You cant be online dating forever. So if you are capable of taking your relationship to another level, you can start thinking about online relationship.
But please, take deep breath, and deep thinking. Or it will bring you more pain than happiness. Like it did to most of us heh



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It all depends if you find that one in a gazillion that can actually be trusted and be faithful ive no joke had a fair share of online relationships and some seemed okay but in my personal opinion i would not recommend it it is full of uncertainty.



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Completely agree with you there. It may work out in the beginning, but after a while ends up going nowhere.
Plus if either one finds someone interesting in their everday life, they "get over" you ever so quickly and easily



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Quote of user: abhiknot

Online Relationships: Good or Bad?
Frankly speaking, is it a good thing or bad thing?
most online relationships seem to be delusional to me.
U are just infatuated with the ideas of the other person.
Plus this is a sad thing to say but people lie all the time on the net.
the worst scenerio that could happen is u would end up wasting ur time on someone fake for several years and get ur heart broken into pieces...

1. i think you have pretty much answered your question with what you said (above), for someone wanting to try or pursue this, it really takes a lot of effort (as you said)

2. successful relationships that i've heard of started from common friends or the likes, meaning you have already eliminated all the pretentions, fake accounts, etc

3. good luck to those who are on it, want it and trying it



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Online relationships are pathetic if it won't happen for real when found out that you temporarily wasted your time and damaged yourself . The lack of physical contact is very damaging to the mental state when the feeling gets intense and making love is put to restraint.


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