How to transfer from PC To Mobile



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Okay I am pretty new to the site and I've done some exploring and looked around and I still need some help. I've just gotten my HTC Hero, and I your kick a**s site for the free ringtones, wall papers and all of t hat.
I dont want to use my phone to download so Ive been downloading to my PC, but how do I transfer the download to my mobile, I have the usb cord to connect the two, but what steps do I take to do the transfer?



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Is your mobile already synced to your pc ? If yes...
When you connect your mobile to pc via usb your phones storage card appears as another usb drive on your pc (my computer). You then open it and copy paste contents in the desired folders.
(If it's not synced when you first connect your mobile to pc via usb simply follow the steps and notifications you receive on both (pc and mobile) and your done).



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Apart from the standard method mentioned by ''crazyali'', you can also tranfer files from your pc to mobile with the help of memory card reader or bluetooth if available any one of them.... Just for your info...



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Depends on the phone. If it has a external memory card, you can use a adapter to connect it to your computer. If you do not, then you need a data cable that is compatible with your phone to connect to your computer



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Simply connect the data cable u get with the handset to computer n your phone and then transfer the data u want or if its a basic phone use memory card as a medium of data transfer

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