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Post #131 December 2011, 12:59
Happy new year to all.
I don't know were to ask this, sorry if i posted this in a wrong queue.
many days back i got a very colorful sms to my Nokia mobile with love symbols,stars,sparks etc... all in colors.... where can i get those kind of sms or how can i create colorful sms.
please help me.
thanks in advance



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Post #21 January 2012, 01:35
You can only send Text via SMS ( Short message service) .
how you describe it, i think you may be talking about a MMS ( Multimedia Messaging Service )
Since photos are not text, you can't use SMS for photos.

and as for creating them, its not easy to create those animated gif's . You can search using Google, there are lots of sites with mms pictures etc
here's one for eg:

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