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To shyam_reloaded & ppx172 come on guys Don't be so pessimistic . be open For Change. its a real improvement here

not being passimist ... just trying to tell what we didnt like

and atleast zedge should have the red colour which it always had ..... why they went for blue ... are they trying to follow FB or what ?

I like the new change but i agree to this..there shud be a little bit of red too... it wud be good if it sustained it originality in its logo... and i wish there be more changes like more of background wallpaper and colour options where we can mix colours like in yahoo.



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New Zedge is good
but the blue front colour i dont like
better is a neutral colour like white,silver or grey

and when someone votes i dont see more red stars

thats are point they i want to change



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Post #8315 November 2011, 19:23
i like the new home page view ... but i miss the "zedger of the day"
can we have it back ?



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Post #8415 November 2011, 19:26
the zedge z3 style was amazing now

n also i found its wrkn grt faster than b4

thankx zedge team



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Post #8515 November 2011, 19:53
all text jumbled up on profile views and on homepage on a nokia 5800 have not viewed on pc yet but red was better

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hmm...before i read the other comments, i thought that everyone will just love it.
i just said to my friend, that i don't really take changes well....but i gotta say:
i like this one, i like the new look, everything!



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People need to stop complaining and appreciate the hard work.

Although I hope I'll get used to this.



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ok, my opinion :p

nice, clean, & even a little bit to much contrast with graphics, could be just more subtile

just made it more complicated ==> it should be easier to navigate!

site must be wider!

look at the great sites of those days (facebook, apple, twitter,...) and..see how they change
==> they made sites easier, faster & WIDER!

anyway, i like the fast response now, but..still can be improved!


ok, site is wide enough..but..i don't get that feeling..
everything is just..long.. (comments section on profiles for example, why is it so small, you have to scroll for hours!)
maybe a redesign of profile section would help

(and complete redesign, not just putting a new layer over it :p )

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thing about friendship request and inbox before it was better bcoz i could know if i had a message or a friendship request
now i cannot recognize if i have it or not unless it shines white



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why the blue font


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