Zedge Z4 Bug Report




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Post #15126 November 2011, 08:20
Changing device is not possible.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Browser: Firefox 8.0



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Post #15228 November 2011, 03:22
Error 503 Service Unavailable

Service Unavailable
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Varnish cache server

why it always happening ????????????



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Post #15329 November 2011, 03:06
Changing device is not possible

OS : Windows 7 Professional

Browser : Google Chrome



Post #15429 November 2011, 04:05
Broken image in my stuff



Post #15529 November 2011, 06:27
help me with my profile i can't see it... says that i'm still a sleeping zedger... what could possibly go wrong?



Post #15629 November 2011, 12:59

Quote of user: max_st33l

Bug :: quick link tabs assigned vertically

OS:: windows 7 home premium

Browser :: google chrome and apple safari

url:: www.zedge.net/my-account/ ...

same here im using Google Chrome



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Post #15730 November 2011, 19:44
using opera mini 6 on nokia 5800 xpressmusic the main page and login page does not shrink to fit the screen properly. i cant tick the remember me box as it is off the side of screen and half of the main page is also offscreen.i have to log in to full site every time i come back as it keeps taking me to the mobile zedge site thanx

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Post #1581 December 2011, 16:41
Trying to accept a request for items to a group but the panel to confirm is behind the panels that display the images.

I try to contact ZEDGE but the confirmation code is not accepting and keeps refreshing.

W**F! So now cant accept items for groups or contact ZEDGE

I know it a miracle I get reply off use when I do contact you directly (unless I do something wrong) but now I cant even contact you.

Bring back the old site!



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Post #1591 December 2011, 16:49
I'm trying to quit from the group where i'm a editor and there is no option to choose..


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Post #1601 December 2011, 17:10
Me also facing same problem as i couldnt even quit from group......

i couldnt accept group request in one shot....

whats happening here in zedge now.....disappointing.....


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