Zedge Z4 Bug Report




Post #11118 November 2011, 16:16
Browser ( Name and Version ): Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1
OS ( Name and version ): Windows XP 1024 * 768
Site URL (where the bug is found):www.zedge.net/profile/Julieet/
Screenshot (Use imageshack.us/ for uploading screenshot):


I'm sorry , didn't notice that this problem is already solved!


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Quote of user: Abi_Rulez

there Are No Monthly Or Weakely Themes,RingTones,Wallpapers And Txts......Thats The Major Problem......

The Zedge Admin Should Think About That......... [/color]

It should be there on the same place as before in Z3... click on "Most Downloaded" and then under there you'll have:
This week
This month
All time

If this is not the case for you, can you take a screenshot and report a bug for us?




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Post #11318 November 2011, 17:54
Browser: Google Chrome 15.0.874.120 m
OS: Windows XP Professional
Site URL: www.zedge.net/upload/wallpaper/ & www.zedge.net/upload/txt/

Description of bug: Can you please tell why can't i get my items uploaded??! I'm still having this problem, i hit the button and it won't support and get uploaded.....??



Post #11419 November 2011, 08:17
[b]Browser Firefox Aurora
Os Windows 8 Developer Edition
screen resolution 1920x1080
Click Here For Viewing Screenshot



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Post #11519 November 2011, 09:23
Plzzz bring back the "tools" option here...it was really a useful one

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Post #11619 November 2011, 11:13
Bug: Unable to send a message to zedge.
Browser: Internet Explorer 8
OS: Windows XP

When i select a category, than type my message and answer the challange question and click send message.
it does not tell me that THANKS YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN SENT or even it does'nt tell me that YOU HAVE ANSWERED THE CHALLANGED QUESTION WRONG. it take me back to my origional window and tell me to do everything all over again...



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Post #11720 November 2011, 00:07

I get this in so profiles not all..when i try to post o their GB with just bold or italic...so i must choose a color

Windows XP

Firefox 8



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Post #11820 November 2011, 01:03
Hi admins. here is another problem im experiencing. this happens when i browse the public gallery after page 99. the rest comes like this: img171.imageshack.us/img171/6699/31012346.jpg
browser: firefox 8
OS: windows 7 (64bit)



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Post #11920 November 2011, 03:52
Can't upload ringtones tried on firfox and chrome. on chrome after upload will get error upload fail on firfox after upload just get a blank page. Kind of bummed out since sometimes I upload for just my privit stuff becouse this osthe only way i have to make ringtones for my iPhone. Please fix this.



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Post #12020 November 2011, 10:40
i am not able to upload walppapers frm quite few days . i have tried different browsers but unable to upload . my internet is working good . when i go to upload wallpapers it never moves ahead frm 1st step it says error always. pls relpy to my post as i am anxious to upload lot of stuff.................


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