getting ringtones to my Iphone4s problem



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I am having trouble getting ring tones from here to my Iphone4s any one know how to help



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can you please elaborate your question.. What type of problem you are facing ?



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Here's a procedure you might find helpful. You need iTunes and have to convert the ringtone from mp3 first (i could be wrong here).

1. Start iTunes and find the song you want to convert. (It must be an MP3.)

2. Right-click the song and choose Get Info.

3. Click the Options tab.

4. Check the Start Time and Stop Time boxes, then enter times for each (no more than 30 seconds apart, the maximum length for a ringtone).

5. Click OK, then right-click the song again and choose Create AAC Version. You should immediately see a new 30-second version of the song.

6. Drag that version out of iTunes and into the folder of your choice.

7. Delete the 30-second version from iTunes and undo the Start Time/Stop Time changes to the original.

8. Open the folder containing the 30-second AAC file you dragged out of iTunes, then change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r. Double-click it and it immediately gets added to iTunes' ringtone library.

9. Finally, sync your iPhone. When it's done, you can head into the settings and select your new ringtone.

In the future, you might also want to improve your title to get more response since "i am having trouble" is quite vague.



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what kind of problem u get while downloading ringtone ?
if error occurs then download ringtone from pc



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Quote of user: bnjmarquis

I am having trouble getting ring tones from here to my Iphone4s any one know how to help

give me your iphone please sion of beach

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got a new mac pro (old one died) but do not know what syncing my iphone to this new laptop will do to my iphone. Will it really erase everything in it? will I be able to restore it? I need to sync to my new laptop before I can use zedge app right?



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I am having problems with mine as well. mine says I have to get it to set up with tunesync but if I try to do it on my phone or on the computer it wont work

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