tomorrow my dear sonali birthday



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please wish her 6/10/2011


Cos today is your day,
its an opportunity for u to know that
u are special and special things are for u today,
i wish u all the best.
Happy birth day

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May this year be your best
I hope all your birthday dreams
and wishes come true.
Not just a year older, but a
year better.
Here's to another year of
A simple celebration, a
gathering of friends; here is
wishing you great happiness, a
joy that never ends.
A birthday is just the first day
of another 365-day journey
around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
Happy birthday, may this day
always be a special one to
May the best of your past be
the worst of your future.
Hope your birthday blossoms
into lots of dreams come true!
I hope that for every candle on
your cake you get a wonderful
May today be filled with
sunshine and smiles, laughter
and love.
Happy Birthday and many happy
returns of the day.

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Happy Birthday

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ya sure happy birthday



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Happy Birthday To You



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Happy Birthday



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Hey Thanx!

Love you guys...



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Happy Birthday To You
May you have many more birthdays to come
God Bless

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