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Post #13 September 2011, 06:01
Hello frndz,

how can i register Carbide Ui Theme Edition?
It says, go on9 registration to get a 'registration no.' or enter serial u already hv.
@ how can i get a 'registration no' n 'username' 4 Carbide ui?
@ if its not available or depends on different pc then,
i hv 2 register on9 at nokia forum.
but is it totally free or not??

Help Me.....
Thanks in advance



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Post #23 September 2011, 07:14
hello bro.....

Just go to

and register..........



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Post #33 September 2011, 07:38
hai register in noika u need sign in to nokia forum....after signing in u'l get serial no for carbide ui theme edition......
and ha its totally free ....juz go nd register.......


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