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Hi, I'm new to using Zedge on the computer, but I've had it downloaded on my LG Ally for awhile now. I was wondering if anyone knew of this problem or had any advice. There was a point where I was able to select the wallpapers I had downloaded from Zedge to use as the image that would show when my contacts would call me. I had to get a replacement phone because my original was acting up, but when I re-downloaded Zedge that option wasn't available anymore. & when I go through my Contacts & select "edit contact" & try to do it that way, the only options it gives me is to take a picture or use My Gallery.

Please if anyone knows what I can do I'd greatly appreciate it. This is really frustrating



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first install Astro file manager

open astro file manager now tap on sdcard > find zedge folder in that folder you will find wallpapers folder in this folder tap & hold on image which u want to set as contact image it will ask set as tap on it > it will ask two options Contact icon & wallpaper > select contact icon then select your desired contact to set as contact image

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