nokia n8 or nokia x7



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Post #130 July 2011, 08:29
hey guys whats ur view on these n8 or nokia x7 which is the best symbian phone...



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the n8 is 135 g and the X7 146 g
N8 Display is 3.5 Inch and the X7 has a 4Inch display
n8 internal memory =16Gb and X7=1GB
both handsets have 265Mb of Ram memory
both support Micro SD cars up to 32GB
Both have wifi
both have Bluetooth V3
N8 has a 12MP camera and X7 has a 8MP camera
Both have 720P HD video recording @25fps
N8 Runs Symbian^3 and x7 comes with Symbian Ana
* The N8 and all other symbian^3 devices will get this update shortly

Both have a 680 mHz processor
both have 1200mAh battery

in my opinion The Nokia N8 is Better



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N8 better than x7....................



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Nokia N8 Is Best



Post #531 July 2011, 17:51
i wana go for n8,,,!!!!



Post #631 July 2011, 18:12
n8 is best



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yes, i wana go for n8

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