LG Cosmos Touch model VGVN270



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Post #122 July 2011, 20:31
i need help with my cosmo touch. when i donload the ringtones to the computer and i plug my phone in to the computer USB. and then i sinc it and the ringtones go into my music. how to i get them out of my music and put them as ringtones? i dont have a microSD card. please helpp!



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Without MicroSD card it is impossible, Music Reserved Storage in Cosmos Touch is a Remote Access Folder so you need a Card..

USB Mass Storage option will not appear if you have not installed your MicroSD Card



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i am having trouble. i have an sd card, i downloaded the ringtone but it only show up in my music, can't get it as a ringtone, dont have a clue what to do. please help and thanks.

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