PC to Phone Internet. Is it Possible?




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i thing it is in possible. !



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thanks ZeD I'll try this one and make sure your tutorial will not be wasted. Give me a day or two to figure this out. I have a question though, in Step 2, you said "On the folder that you extracted watever it type jar or jad", but what exactly is that folder? Do I need to download it from a site?

By the way, thanks for your help

n not wen u extracted that when it show like this \Hiisi1.6.3\Hiisi\bin there are Hiisi.jar and Hiisi.jad. that two folder extract sorry i m forgot to mention that one

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@ZeD_LoVe_VIVEK :: I think you have missed something on step-2, what two files are you talking about. that needs to be copied to the root of MMC (*.jar/*.jad)???
From where we get these files?

ya i forget to mention that

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.jar or .jad are are java based and will be recognised on the phone.

I dont know about "you" the non believers, but i got good internet connection from the pc to the phone.

YES,you can get internet through your computer on your mobile device...easiest thing Wi-Fi...(thaaa)

Or bluetooth pairing with the pc,etc but latest software doesn`t work with android.

I only know for Sony as i`m using it (so its possible)

As for Nokia...no ideea!



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no not possible.



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Is it possible using USB???



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yeah, i think it should be possible. It should have the same monthly rates, like we have on pc internet. Having an internet access on mobile today's necessity !!!



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I've heard about some bluetooth apps.. but I do use PC internet on my phone using Wireless Hub and WiFi of my phone



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cool think buddy i will trying to this formula



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hei is it possible?



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look man I already been looking for something like this; I found on some forums some apps that lets u share ur pc internet with nokia s60 v3 phones through bluetooth, I found 3 so far, "Gnubox" "hiisi suite" and " BluePoint 0.88 " I can't explain u anything now cuz I haven't tried them yet, next few days I'll receive my nokia e71 I'll try them, if they work I'll let u know =)


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