Nokia E7 OR Blackberry Torch



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Post #119 June 2011, 11:25
which one is better



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Click here to see the specifications of both phones side by side so you can compare it.

the e7 has more memory , a better camera, and a bigger screen than the Torch.
e7 has a faster processor and records 720p HD videos
but the Torch has a 1300mAh battery and the e7 a 1200 mAh
- nokia e7 runs symbian 3 and Torch uses BB OS6

its up to you actually. if you want to be online the whole day, facebook,twitter all the time etc so actually more For internet , and keeping in touch with people > its the Torch for you

but overall the e7 is better than Torch9800

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i like E7
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I prefer Nokia E7

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black berry torch



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Obviously E7.

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