Nokia N8 Or Samsung Galaxy S2 ?




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Galaxy s2 is far better than n8.............



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in every sense the samsung galaxy s2 device is the best in the world right now...
sorry to say nokia has lost it.. where other brands have crossed over 1.2ghz processors, nokia still roams around with their 600 mhz pathaetic processors .. learn NOKIA learn from SAMSUNG



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samsung s2 is best it s better than i phone



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I have them both, and I personally prefer Nokia, mostly due to N8 having:
1. Much better battery life (15-17 hrs N8 vs. 7-9 hrs SG2 on heavy usage) + significantly shorter charging time (N8 can be charged either through micro USB or bottom jack - Quick Charge.)
2. Much better hardware (Higher quality loudspeaker, Dedicated camera button (try taking a self picture with ANY phone NOT having a dedicated camera button and...then appreciate the N8), Active hard button on the front - when flashing it indicates E-Mail, Message, Missed Call, etc, Active screensaver, (Automatic) Profile changer, Dedicated charging light on the side, and many more.
3. Significantly higher sound quality on Calls (clearer, crisper, natural - non digitized, excellent quality over loud speaker)
4. Better connectivity (stronger and more stable 3G and WiFi signal in weird places)
5. Superior automatic online connection management, meaning: when known (predefined) WiFi is found, the 3G is automatically disconnected, as well as when only on 3G, the WiFi is automatically disconnected. Furthermore, as long as no one program is calling an internet connection, then both WiFi and 3G are disconnected. These are seamless processes working fully automatic in the background - none of these automatic connection/disconnections are possible in Android - despite Android being MUCH MORE power hungry and desperately needing these features.
6. Better GPS signal and faster satellite acquisition time.
7. Weird enough (given the constant attacks and unfair bashing on Symbian OS) but the N8's User's Interface is much more customizable (overall) than any Android phone. (real multitasking, folder structure).
8. N8 comes with all necessary cables (Micro USB, Regular charger, HDMI and USB/MicroUSB converter cable.)

On the other hand it would be unfair not to mention the SG2 advantages over the N8:
1. Incomparably better browsing experience
2. Better and incomparably more attractive UI (unfortunately this also works against the Android as it's a major battery drain factor).
3. Higher resolution which contributes to an overall delightful experience.
4. Tons of available applications to chose from (you name have it!!) - welcome to the Android world .
5. If you miss TomTom (offline navigation) then Sygic is the next best experience. - much better than the built in Google Navigation. (OK, maybe except for the excellent search functions of Google Maps)
6. Obviously much faster than the N8 in every respect - although N8's speed is NOT bad either (except for installations).
7. Video recording - 1080p vs 720p - although I can very well live with 720p (especially considering the storage space)
8. Stronger vibration (that's one of the few N8's hardware weaknesses)

All in all if you are looking for a PDA, then SG2 is the obvious answer but, on the other hand if you don't want to compromise the phone functionality while still having a pleasant overall PDA-like experience I would recommend the N8 (hence the upcoming release of Symbian Anna is expected to make the N8 experience even better)

As a word of caution: although most EVERY Android user will tell you how fantastic their experience is, there are still 2 major UNRESOLVED problems EVERY Android phone still comes with: (1) BATTERY: you are lucky if you can squeeze 9-10 hrs of medium/heavy usage and (2) MEMORY (RAM) management might by an inherent reason for bitterness: if your phone doesn't come with at least 768 usable RAM (i.e.: many newer HTC, Samsung, LG) as a MINIMUM you are prone to get disappointed down the road - and there is not much you can do about it because from Android 2.1 and above, the task killers are sort of undesirable intruders, rather than useful tools. There would also be a 3rd one if you are anything like me and have most phone conversations on loudspeaker (usually in a running car, while cradled) - no other manufacturer managed to even come close to Nokia's loudspeaker quality - keep this in mind

Anyway, enjoy Life rather than your phone!! They both degrade faster than you may think and while anyone can afford to miss "a call" no one can afford to miss "the call" - if you know what I mean...

If you wonder why this post has been edited so many because I keep adding staff as I recall them.

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I would like to take nokia n8

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Symbian is a dying OS. It's just a matter of time before they remove it completely. Android is a growing OS and it has surpassed it's limits already considering how old it is.

If we're talking about processing speed and capabilities, Nokia N8 is better in capturing still pictures only (probably). But that's about it. Everything is beaten down by the SGS2.



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Nokia N8 is best because nokia is best user interface and also user friendly But samsung is not........



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samsung galaxy s2 . . . . ..



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both are good But i'll choose Nokia n8



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There Is no Comp... Between Galxy S II n N8


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