New theme class on Zedge, need your help




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great job



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Ya its our pleasure! Realy great one! Thank you ZEDGE! Admin!



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good work zedge keep it ...



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great job



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Great Work



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good job...thanks admin it can be really helpfull



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Great .. . . .the way it design . . ..



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Quote of user: SupeR__Soul

Quote of user: stiankh

Hi all thememakers!

We've added a new theme class here at Zedge, called "Symbian 3 - 360x640". This class is used by phones such as Nokia N8, E7, C6-01 and X7-00.

At the current time we have very few themes in this class. Something we were hoping you guys could help us with, since we have the best theme creators here at Zedge! So we kindly ask you to upload your best stuff for this class!

Why should you do it?
*You can easily get many downloads since there is so little competition
*You are contributing to the Zedge community

We've had a lot of requests for themes in this class so if you're looking to get a lot of downloads this is a great opportunity!

Nokia n8 themes are already in zedge

they are same as 5800-
nokia series 60 5th ed.360x640 .sis file type.

i uploaded one theme for Symbian 3 - 360x640 but i cant find anywhere on zedge in public gallery.
it says no themes!
and i couldn't found X7-00 on phone list.
Did i uploaded rightly?or did i uploaded in wrongly.
when i select nokia e7 as my phone and go to upload it says select your phone.then i selected Symbian 3 - 360x640 and uploaded that theme.Please help me out here.
my theme link-

. . .really great. . .

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perhaps a separate category for symbian 3 themes???????????



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Quote of user: jolansky

perhaps a separate category for symbian 3 themes???????????

Ya you can now upload Symbian 3 themes like other themes..! check here..!

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