sony ericsson spiro



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Post #129 January 2011, 19:40
who has backgrounds uploaded for this phone?



Post #229 January 2011, 20:21
when u visit zedge, make sure the phone is selected, in the right upper side there is written what phone model is chose, make sure the spiro is selecten, then go to download, and then wallpapers.
the wallpapers you will see, are compatible with your phone



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Post #318 January 2012, 09:11
hi. can you help me where to download themes for my spiro phone. i'm having a hard time finding themes. the ones i dowloaded seems compatible however when i open my media player it becomes distorted. thanx a lot.



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Post #414 May 2012, 04:37
Hai guys.. my phone is spiro.. dont instal more then 10 apps. not work in 3d games.

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