Motorola razr v3



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Post #12 January 2005, 02:39
What do u guys hthink about this fone? it is real popular here in the USA. Is it worth 500 dollars and is it better then 7610 (nokia) ?




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Post #22 January 2005, 19:41
Again, like many phones the V3 is good for people who want a phone with the usual features.

Its much better designed than the 7610, but thats where the advantages end.

Being a smartphone, the 7610 has many more features, its also cheaper, making it value for money.

The V3 is very expensive, especially for a phone that isnt even 1.0 megapixels, it only takes VGA sized images of 640x480. Couple that with not being able to expand the phones tiny memory ( correct me if im wrong ) and you're left with a pretty basic phone.

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