i want themes for motorola w 396



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hi guys i want themes for motorola w 396 flip phones can u plz tell me abt that'



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in your profile, select the phone you have, then browse zedge's theme gallery. if they dont show you any that means there are no themes for your phone.
also check here: gallery.mobile9.com/c/motorola-w396-themes_1914/1/
i am not sure if these themes will work on your phone, but if you want you can give it a try



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if you want any specific theme you can also put request here :




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there is a software named P2K commander. By this software u can make and upload theme for ur motorola mobile.



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Quote of user: siddhusandeep

hi guys i want themes for motorola w 396 flip phones can u plz tell me abt that'

first of all motorola w-396 does not have themes but has skins. You can not simply download theme files for w396 and apply them as is done in case of Nokia/SE phones, because that won't work. There is a software called motorola skin manager through which you can add additional skins onto your phone(note that the added skin will only be stored on the phone memory not the memory card) and apply them later by rebooting/restarting your phone.

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