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Post #11 December 2010, 17:26
I have a nokia 5800xmusic i been traying to download wallpapers direct from movil but i dont know where to press .dont see a saving option like the one that appears when downloading themes PLEASE HELP

Using Wfi I can only download ringtones or themes,but i will like to downloa Wallpapers,using my phone,couse i dont have acces to a computer always but yes to the wirless internet connection HELP

Or if you know where else to doanload wallpapers directly to my phone!!!!!?????



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Post #22 December 2010, 23:24
hi vander,
click to option while using any software or site there you'll find wriiten as (view it)click it and save the wallpaper.

to download wallpapers i suggest Zedge



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Post #37 December 2010, 06:40
go to web and to download

there is a option(view Images)

just clik on this .............................

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