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Try SUPER video converter. It is a free software. I have used it personally to convert high quality AVI to MP4 with the same quality to match with your mobile phone's resolution..

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any video converter,the best and fastest one...and also its free



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there is a software, Prism Video Converter. its awesome, But it needs a Licence .



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iSkysoft Video Converter is the quickest conversion software I've used. It works for all video/music file formats that copmuter can replay! No adware, no watermarks, no viruses. It works amazing

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hmm .. i searches a lot. .. .tried almost like 20 softwares . .
thanx everyone 4 replying. ..still if some1 think they can help. plz Do

Try Xilisoft Video Converter.... well, I can't share links here.. so try searching for this in other forums...

Good share.Thanks.


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