Flash theme in C903



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Post #125 September 2010, 14:37
I am using Sony Ericsson C903 and everytime I download flash menu theme(from Zedge, Mobile9 or anywhere else), put it in themes folder in phone and set them - I can't see flash menu, instead I see classic menu. How do I fix this???



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Post #226 September 2010, 16:14
I have the same problem with my Sony Ericsson Elm.



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www.se-house.net/tutorials/a2uploader.html .. read here, but be careful, it's not a virus...some antivirus programs will spike up when you instal A2Uploader, especialy if you have w7.

and fore some flash menus:
www.se-house.net/tag/FL-2-1 and you can look on zedge on top of the theme befeore you download...should be a link to the flash menu file

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